Artist Statement

It has been my experience that when we stop seeking outside of ourselves for remedies and assurances, and tune into the body, the reverberation is a deep sense of embodiment and autonomy. Art is the instrument through which I can share complex questions and concerns, without wielding the weapon of persuasion. For me, it’s all in the questions.

Inquiries that might inspire my creative process include...what am I defending? What am I resisting? What is the intersection of pain and pleasure? Of attraction and aversion? What is the danger of indifference? And how does all of this affect my relationship to self, others, and nature? 

Dancers are rigorous technicians, our work is edited scrupulously and presented ephemerally. This is why I have turned to the camera as a method of documenting my investigations. I view dance as a global language of the soul that effectively articulates the subtle and emotional realms of the human experience.

Photography is also a powerful medium for capturing nuance. Movement and photography are synergistic mediums that potentiate one another

Also, it has been my experience that the creative process mirrors the meditative process. The more I open myself up to the infinite potential of the present moment, the more sincere I become. It is with this sentiment that I have devoted much of my life to the study and practice of zen as a compliment to art making. I have discovered that with time and space, I am able to churn my concerns into creative work that joins people in a communal sensory experience. 






Chicago College of Performing Arts

Samadhi Center for Yoga + Meditation

American Institute of Vedic Studies

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Morgan is an experienced dance teacher and choreographer currently on staff at Vail Valley Academy of Dance. She grew up training in the Denver area, where she received a diverse education in the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance, and theater. She went on to receive a BFA in Acting from Chicago College of Performing Arts and was gifted a scholarship to continue her dance training at Hubbard Street. During her time in conservatory, she was deeply inspired by her Performance Art professor Kestutis Nakas and discovered a passion for interdisciplinary work. Many of Morgan’s favorite performance opportunities have taken place in alternative settings like church basements, rooftops, and storefronts.

In 2011 she returned to Denver as a founding ensemble member of Visionbox Acting Studio and co-developed The Othello Project with Jennifer McCray Rincon. Morgan has participated in many teacher training programs including the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet teacher’s course. Her students have been accepted into competitive conservatories and summer intensives including Boston Conservatory, Austin Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Hubbard Street, and Lines Ballet, among others. Her youth choreography has won awards from national touring competitions and been featured by TedX Youth Vail. She is available as a guest teacher, choreographer, and private coach. 

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